The Professional Astrologer

alexproWould you like to launch or expand your astrological practice?

The Professional Astrologer: Building A Successful Astrology Practice is a fabulous anthology written by top astrologers guides you through every step to be successful in this dynamic field

Buy at your local bookstore * or on Amazon * or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me for a signed copy ($20)

I have contributed the chapter on The Power of Peer Groups in Astrology. Each chapter is chock full of wisdom and great information.

OPA’s new book, Essential Astrology, will be coming out soon!

Many of today’s most accomplished astrologers have contributed chapters on improving professional astrological skills and expertise. The chapter written by me, Chart Delineation – Simple Steps to Chart Analysis offers an uncomplicated, methodical approach to delineate and gain insight into a horoscope.

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