An astrological session with Alexandra provides a satisfying blend of keen astrological skills, the wisdom of experience, and her compassionate guidance.

S Sellers

Your wisdom astrology encouraged me and provided the strength and hope that I needed In a difficult time to move ahead. Your readings are accurate and meaningful.

Alexandra, most of all is an ethical person. She has a deep knowledge of astrology and together with her warm and sweet personality makes the session a great experience. I highly recommend her as the best by far!

Margarita Argirou
Athens GR

Alexandra''s expertise and experience provided practical wisdom and guidance. Her understanding of both the astrological plane and humanity, combined with a wonderful sense of humor gave me the courage to make choices in one area of my life, and create stillness in another. Very valuable experience. Thank you!

Faye Grant

Alexandra is a compassionate, highly gifted astrologer. My last session was around obstacles that kept blocking the completion of a large project. Alexandra''s insightful words and humor, allowed me stand back and see the issue from a new perspective. And thankfully, I completed the project to it''s fullest potential. I highly recommend Alexandra.

Jody McNicholas

Over the years, I have had several readings done by Alexandra. She has been spot on each time - telling me things about myself that I never shared with anyone. She even correctly predicted when I would find my life partner, and what part of the world he came from. Eerie!

Alexandra is courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services!

Maria T. Carsburg
Las Vegas, Nevada

 Alexandra is my astrologer, and I refer all my interested friends to her for insight into life issues - changes, relationships, timing, decisions, etc. She is warm, perceptive, intuitive, intelligent, worldly, educated, sincerely caring and knows astrology. I gave my mother a reading with Alexandra! For the big picture or help with the details, I recommend her. I am a scientifically educated person, yet I have always found Alexandra''s astrological readings to be true and helpful.

M.C. Meyer, Chico, CA

I read Alexandra’s columns for Lotus Guide each issue because she provides both explanation of astrological influences and practical applications. I’ve turned to her for help with my son and his girlfriend so they can better understand the challenges/positive aspects as a couple. This insight already bore fruit in terms of how my son relates with his partner. Alexandra has also helped me understand the rhythm and flow in my life regarding various projects. She gives a caring, kind, and informed analysis.

Gayle Kimball, PhD

Evia Ferry

Evia Ferry

Alexandra has given me several astrology readings over the years and it has been enlightening, reassuring and a bridge to understand my life and my future. She is warm, patient and walks you through the process of understanding your astrology chart that helps you feel completely safe and comfortable to ask any questions that to clarify all of the information she shares with you. My experience with Alexandra has been so positive that I have referred my friends to Alexandra for their own special session with Alexandra. Alexandra, thank you, I truly left my session with you with a deeper insight and understanding into my life. It was an "Ah Ha" moment for sure.

L. Bacchus
San Louis Obispo, CA

“Alexandra’s astrological wisdom and guidance has supported me greatly in understanding my life path and opening up to the divine grace that surrounds it. Her warmth, enthusiasm, care, and compassion are clearly evident in her personal, yet highly professional, manner. Alexandra shares her sense of wonder and awe in exploring and bringing understanding to life’s gifts and challenges, and supports and encourages her clients do the same!”

R. Lampkin
CUSD Psychologist, Chico, CA

"Once again, you were spot on in nailing my personality traits and behaviors. Your advice for the coming year is wise indeed and provides the motivation I so greatly need".


Sharon M., Lake County, CA

"Thank you for the informative, illuminating, direction-setting talk that was so clean and clear. You are amazing at what you do!"
Caroline Sammet, Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you so much for painting a picutre of life for me, full of oppiorttunity- You gave me a new understanding of how it all (even the so=called negative) makes sense- plus an excitement for the future!
Cindy S., Chico, CA

I found encouragement and inspiration to keep moving ahead with the help of your astrological analysis. You provided the push I needed to look beyond my door, to risk new adventures, and appreciate who I am. Thank you.
Pat S. Paradise, CA

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