Classes and Instruction



Astrology Intensive

Four 21/2 hour sessions. For beginning and intermediate students.

  • Session 1 — Learn about the signs and planets. Explore spirit, life, and our experience of cycles. We''re born with everything we need.
  • Session 2 — Planets in signs: the secret of our strength. Houses: what''s really going on. Retrograde Mercury and other cosmic jokes.
  • Session 3 — Planets in houses: starting to put it all together. More secrets of our strength.
  • Session 4 — Putting it all together. Learn how to read a horoscope and understand its language.


Individual Mentorship

Designed to address individual needs, interests and level of astrology. Fees to be determined.






Relationship and Composite Charts

Four-hour workshop. For intermediate and higher level students. How to calculate and read relationship and composite charts. Understanding the relationship and how it fits into both persons/parties lives. Making conscious choices. Using predictive and relocation techniques in exploring relationships. Business, parent/child, sibling, friend, lover, mentor relationships, etc.

Rates vary and are based on numbers of participants, typically limited to eight. Individual instruction is also available. Please call for further information.

Speaking Engagements

Alexandra is available for astrological speaking engagements. Contact her to make arrangements.


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