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My name is Alexandra Karacostas. I am a professional astrologer based in northern California. The focus of my practice is person-centered astrology: helping people successfully navigate their lives. The work integrates practical, psychological and spiritual astrology. I have been an avid student of astrology since 1975 and started practicing professionally in 1984. Since then I have offered counseling services, classes and workshops, contributed articles and monthly columns to various publications and continue to teach and lecture nationally and abroad.

Though I currently reside in northern California, my other home is in Greece, where I grew up. As a child I was surrounded by a large extended family and a strong matriarchal lineage. Magic, dreams, myths, delicious food and nature were a vibrant part of my life, embedded in the natural beauty and culture of Greece. The world of metaphysics and spirits was introduced to me at an early age by my mother. My on-going fascination and study of the universal mysteries led me to astrology, which in turn is offered here!

Throughout this web-site you’ll find photographs of Greece which I hope you enjoy!

  • Past President of the Organization of Professional Astrologers, OPA
  • OPA Advisory Committee
  • Contributing writer for The Mountain Astrologer magazine
  • Contributing writer for The Career Astrologer magazine
  • Contributing editor for the ISAR journal
  • Group Leader for the Organization of Professional Astrology
  • Available for speaking engagements for your group or organization
  • Serving on the Astrology News Service (ANS) Committee
  • Tour Leader for Sacred Site and Cultural Tours in Greece



 It's all about the where and the when! Timing is everything!



Relationship astrology has special place in my heart and practice. My background is in psychology, religion, and holistic studies. I continue to be fascinated by how our subconscious motivations and inner yearnings are mirrored in our daily life. As a professional, ethical and experienced astrologer I help clients connect with their potential through illuminating the strengths and challenges within as reflected in relationships and current circumstances. Services are designed to deliver insight and liberation from inappropriate patterns and habits. Absolute confidentiality is maintained.

In addition to personal and relationship astrology, I enjoy applying astrocartography and relocation astrology techniques. Having lived and traveled to many places abroad and in the U.S. I can personally attest to the validity of these techniques. When used in conjunction with other techniques they are enormously powerful tools. They provide meaningful information for relocating or traveling to new communities, choosing a holiday destination, finding the best retreat location, or pointing to the best place and time to set up a business, etc. It''s all about the where and the when! Timing is everything. When properly applied relocation astrology can articulate specific qualities of various locations unique to each of us in making conscious and wise choices.


I have a deep love for the symbolic language of astrology and appreciate the humor, beauty an ironies ever present in the journey of life!


Insightful application of astrological perspectives is what makes me excited. Each one of us is unique and has a special place in the cosmos. Through understanding, acceptance and practical wisdom we can become the best we are destined to be. By knowing our potentials and propensities we can become masters of our destiny.

I grew up in Greece in a family where both my mother and grandmother used ancient Greek spells, handed down over the generations. Astrology came easily and naturally to me. I have a deep love for the symbolic language of astrology and appreciate the humor, beauty and ironies ever present in the journey of life!

I am available for consultations in person or by phone, lectures, and classes. I welcome your questions and comments. You can call me at (530) 520-9992 or contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This is my chosen destiny. Let me help you find yours!!!

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