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First Time Astrology Consultation

To Thine own self be True!

A comprehensive, in depth review of your birth horoscope, exploring the patterns, potentials, and character of your life. This consultation includes progressions, transits and a solar return, which reveal current themes and a look at the year ahead. 75-90 minutes. Session is recorded and sent via audio file. $195.00


Updates & Staying Current

What is going on right now?

What is going on right now? Exploring the current issues and patterns in your life through use of astrological progressions, transits and solar returns. Includes a look at the year ahead. 60-75 minutes. Session is recorded and sent via audio file.  (Only available to returning clients) $185.00


Relationship Astrology - Synastry - How we get along with others.

Examine, compare and delineate themes and patterns of three charts. Horoscope charts for two people as well as, review the relationship chart with emphasis on current issues, patterns and dynamics. A useful tool for all types of relationships: friends, lovers, children, family, business partners, etc. 2 hour consultation. Session is recorded and sent via audio file. $279.00


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Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology

How changing your location can change your life!

Thinking of relocating, traveling or locating a business? This technique is designed to help you make realistic and clear decisions about prospective areas of relocation and travel, bringing together time and place. Every location brings out something different in each of us. Find out how this applies to you. The relocation chart is used together with the birth and progressed horoscopes for best results. 60-90 minutes. Session is recorded and sent via audio file. $215.00





Specific Questions and Inquiries

Is there something particular you are trying to decide, figure out, or are confronting? This session is designed to provide insight and addresses a question or decision you are trying to make. 20 minute consultation. (Available only to returning clients. Additional charges may apply due to the nature of the service as some questions may be more in depth than others.) Session is recorded and sent via audio file. $80.00


Incremental Payments

Session increment payments of $40 per 20 minutes for sessions that go over time limit.



Purchase a package of three sessions at the special rate of $540.00


The above are some of the services offered. If you are interested in an astrological service not listed above, please contact me. All consultations are conducted in absolute confidentiality. Astrology consultations require that a birth date, time, place be provided prior to the consultation.


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